It was 1993. Pr
oducer, singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, Seth Hartman, and lyricist Shy Hart, had begun a project creating songs based on Anne Rice's novel, "The Vampire Lestat". They'd produced an EP's amount of tracks when Seth met singer/songwriter, multiinstrumentalist, Alyras (formerly "Mirai"). "White Fire From the Moon" came from their first meeting, and she joined Seth and Shy to form Immortal Dream (I.D.).

Gradually, renowned artists such as
Meredith Chapman,
Joey Daigneault, Issa Joone, James Andrew Monroe, Beth Wernick, and others blessed the project with their talents, and the project's, self-titled debut album, "Immortal Dream ", was born. Then, like Lestat, (after the album was mixed, mastered, and in the bag), I.D. went underground for a long, deep, sleep, and Immortal Dream sat on the shelf for nearly 20 years!

Now, I.D. is stirring, rising. Down from the shelf, dust blown off, Art of Pop is releasing an abridged version of the album, through digital outlets, simply entitled, "Lestat". We hope you enjoy (Seth Hartman's masterpiece of production, and all of I.D.'s passionate perfomances in) this short form, and that you'll feast on the full version of
Immortal Dream in 2014.


December, 2013

   Immortal Dream


Devil's Road to Cairo  
White Fire From the Moon
I Will Believe in You
Out of Eden



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